Secondhand Stoned

by Secondhand Stoned

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Please download and enjoy the shit out of Secondhand Stoned, the album. It's totally free, unless you care to donate to the cause - all proceeds go to the 420 fund - a nonprofit marijuana-smoking organization that, well, just gets all high day.


released April 1, 2012

TPoT, Kailey, Uncle Rikki, Lonewolf, HT Fieval, Malo, John the man, Tabby, CMath, etc.

In spirit: Key, Scoot, Hey Tonay, iSick, Filipe



all rights reserved


Secondhand Stoned Littleton, Colorado

It's not just about the music. It's about livin the good life, smokin good weed, and sayin fuck everything else.

Buy some!

Obama/Marijuana 2012, hell yes on Amendment 64!!

Secondhand Stoned features:
TPoT - Lead vocal, guitar, sometimes an asshole
iSick - Rap skills, puppetmaster
Kailey - Sultry vocals, sexual tension
CMath - DJ, inspiration
Uncle Rikki
Key, Schwan
and more...
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Track Name: Swisher Sweets
Swisher Sweets

Roll your weed in swisher sweets
Got that flavor that can't be beat
You know our blunts burn down all straight and neat
We sell that shit to our friends on the street

Man one day I wasn't feeling so good
So I went to the hospital cause I thought I should
Doctor saw me once and she knew what was wrong
Earlier that day I took a few hits from the bong
And by 420 pm I had under-dosed
So the doc smoked me up til I felt comatose
We clam baked the E.R. and all of the halls
Got em second hand stoned all staring at the walls
These patients wanna get high every time that they can
So I walked on out, proud to be their pusher man

I dial 187 and then I'm calling your mom
So you're going alone to your own school prom
Cause I'm right back at it and don't you forget
I burn a carton a day, and these ain't cigarettes

Now this part here is for the little kids
I'm your substitute teacher and my name is T-Pot
It's real nice to meetcha but we better get started
Here we go now, get out your charts, and
Look on the left there's grams and kilos
Down on the bottom we got eighths and pounds
I got a question for ya and I'll give ya a treat
If you tell me how much weed it takes to roll a swisher sweet

If you got any weed or ganja
Roll it all up in blunts for yo gramma
And do it real nice cause you know she's picky
Been waiting all day to hit on the sticky

And when you get the answer just put your hands up
I'll pass you a swisher and gram of those shrubs
That's right kids all it takes is enough
Now sing the song and take a fuckin puff

Roll your weed in swisher sweets
Got that flavor that can't be beat
Your blunt better burn all straight and neat
Dance with the music and now repeat

Roll your weed in swisher sweets
That flavor that can't be beat
Your blunt better burn all straight and neat
Sell that shit to your friends on the street
Track Name: Too Blazed
You, You remind me always
That I, I'm always too blazed
I try, Try to make your day
Sometimes I feel that
I don't get it right
But I'll keep on trying
Til you feel high 'CAUSE
You, You got me sideways
And I, I got you baby
I know, Know you want my crazy
That's why we oughta do this
Get down and groove it
Shake to my music and
You can't refuse it
Track Name: The Last Joint
One more song, one more joint
Fly with me it'll be all right!
One more song one more joint,
Let it last through the night!