Down 'n' Dirty Mixtape

by Secondhand Stoned

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Dust off your walkman and get dirty.


released November 23, 2012

Produced by Cmath
Featuring Big Breezy, M-Night Shwan Malo, Tabby Cat, Orka, the Boy of Destiny, T-pot, Slicky Rick, Vajenna, Aylas, Frank Stratherfaster Jr., Peej, dannyfal, teletronikoforever



all rights reserved


Secondhand Stoned Littleton, Colorado

It's not just about the music. It's about livin the good life, smokin good weed, and sayin fuck everything else.

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Obama/Marijuana 2012, hell yes on Amendment 64!!

Secondhand Stoned features:
TPoT - Lead vocal, guitar, sometimes an asshole
iSick - Rap skills, puppetmaster
Kailey - Sultry vocals, sexual tension
CMath - DJ, inspiration
Uncle Rikki
Key, Schwan
and more...
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Track Name: Audiosexual

Audiosexual is a deep feeling of sensual pleasure.

The pleasure is so deep that the rhythms and melodies blend perfectly into
your subconscious groove.

The music turns you on. It gets you sexual. Audiosexual. Like this, bitches.
Track Name: Amazing
It's not what you say but how you say it
You're whisper feels so damn dangerous
Anything you say I'll be persuaded
Say nothing and I'll take your kiss
Playing dirty with me you take a risk
I'll tie you up if you insist/for
All the fantasies you can't resist
In reality they're nothing just yet!!

Til they happen with me and a drip of sweat
Runs down my skin onto your chest
This little sin yeah I'll confess
Got me hooked and I'm obsessed
With a new kinda love - yeah it's a hot mess
Just getting some - nah gimme your best
I don't give a fuck what you expect
This right here is the down and dirty cassette!!
Track Name: Bitches Better Snack
Who do you think you’re fucking with?
Cause this is the down and fucking dirty!
Rikki couldn’t be here for the remix take
But fuck it, we still got him on this mix tape
Turn it up loud, get your dirty on this sound
Pass that shit around, and we get right down

Bitches better bring some snack
If you’re gonna leave bring your ass right back
Bitches better, better bring some snack
Gotta case of the muchies it’s a chronic attack
Bitches better, better bring
If you’re gonna leave bring your ass right back
Bitches better, better bring some snack
Gotta case of that chronic it’s a munchie attack

Between you and me, girl - the only thing we need - girl
Is just something to eat, we been smoking so much weed - girl
So if you get me a little bit of M&Ms
Put the lights down low and this mixtape in…
I’ll give you a little bit of my oreos
I can tell you want that sweet shit
So let’s see where this goes…

But I gotta funny feeling we should go to the store
You know what I want, and it’s twenty past four
Imma burn a fatty one and maybe one more
Can’t stop, a won’t stop, I’m goddamn sure
Unless you’re taking off them clothes,
I’m headed out the door
You could roll me up some jays,
Since you smoked em all before

Gotta follow my dreams, get that peaches and cream
Number 69 large and extra supreme
You get that order right, and call up Charlie Sheen
Cause down and fucking dirty makes all the girls scream
Track Name: Dirty Beats
Dirty dancing, dirty beats
Damn am I a hot mess?
Well, this is for the hotties!
Is it dirty? I say fuck yesss
1, 2, Now ya-follow my lead,
Make yourself at-home in the weeds
Tweak your speakers-up to 13
Expose yourself to your fantasy
3,4, Four-20 with Mr. TPOT
We'll get dirty like you like, like going sans clothing
Uno, dos, abajo y sucio
Damiselas en apuros
Hasta que a ellas digo,
Poner las piernas al cielo

This dirty don't stop,
won't stop when the tape is bumping corner blocks
Pumping up the pressure, quitate la ropa, let em drop

Don't worry, don't feel sorry that you like it rough

From the bedroom to the backseat, funky dirty shit that gets you off
Track Name: Get Lucky
Don't you trust me
Don't you touch me
Won't you love me
You feeling lucky?
Track Name: Too Many Bitches!
Ain't got no problem with too many bitches
More ass than you could shake a fucking stick at
And never had no issues with too many blunts
Smoking this and the next and then another one
So I'm rolling up on high street and I'm looking for some fun
These beautiful women need some shade from the sun
Pour a pina colada and light that marijuana
I gotta new one for you bitches and it's called the daly lama
Get to work and lemme see whatchu got from your momma
Got that prada, nah I got that broke-ass drama
And though I know it ain't about the money
How you gonna break it to my video honeys?
They're just so damn lovely and stoned and acting funny
And drunk dialing numbers trying to talk to me
If the cops roll up then tell em yeah that's my green
Yell FUCK THE POLICE and it aint no thang
Fuck the police and fuck on that noise
Drop a key of bomb weed just for a decoy
And head back to my place where we keep the plants safe
And the bitches and the blunts getcha right in the face

Peanut butter sticky, mile high city
TPOT yeah I'm fucking ready
Ready for that new shit, that hot spot and the drop
Hipper than a hipster like a hippo on pot

It's hip-hop-a-potomous don't-stop-keep-rockin-this
Turn it up and burn it up and fuck your apocalypse
From the first time I saw you and every moment since
I been waiting all this time and hoping to get some tits
Hot damn
and this what happened when I finally did,
You had me lost for words,
I couldn't even say ohhh shit
So if it's too many bitches no, not a bitch too many
Cause tpot always gots to have plenty

Summer fun, on the run pouring coconut rum
Gettin some getting dome get it fuckin done
Keep rollin up them blunts til we gotta get more swishas then
Cause you know you what my mother fuckin business is
Track Name: Straight for You
Straight no chaser
Directly in your face
Or at least on your chest
Across your breasts
I'm no faker
I need another minute
Til we have sex
I'm down and dirty
Hot and sweaty
A hot mess, I've heard em say...

On my first date
I want to get laid
But don't call me late
If you don't feel the same
No, I'm not really gay
So I'll swing by your way
And over at your place
You can make my day!!

I'd go straight for you baby
Just this once you can me my lady
I'd go straight for you girl
Just this once you can rock my fucking world

I'd go straight for you
But if I had to choose
I'd choose that black guy over you...

You take the love you make
And get creative
You do what you want
And it feels amazing
So if down and dirty feels right
Then you can sing
About that nasty funky stuff
That you call fucking
You call fucking
Track Name: Party Time=Down 'n' Dirty
This right here is the down and dirty mixtape
The bitches put it on when they're gettin laid
So get me on the track and fuck it if I get paid
Cause I'm laying it down and telling errbody thanks
For the lovin and the humping and trying tonight
To get with the rhythm and dance all right
If you like what you hear, and you're hearing what you like...
Get down, down and dirty all night